-What is Pure Horse Sense?-

This blog is where my two passions, horses and writing, can meet in harmony. I started this blog back in 2012 where I wrote sporadically about what was on my mind. In 2018, the blog was relaunched and has started to grow its presence online. It has become my place where I can share all things horses with the world. I love writing and sharing my experiences, my difficulties and my new discoveries. Knowing that maybe, just maybe, it might relate to someone else. Out there. In this crazy world.

As a rider, I favour the show jumping discipline. As a horse lover, I'm always amazed at how diverse one animal can be. From jumping, to dressage or from endurance, to reining; it seems like the horse can do it all. They truly are great athletes and amazing friends. There's nothing quite like a horse.

I've dedicated this little space on the internet to highlight all things horses. From training, to my experiences, to horse and rider products, this space features it all. Hopefully, one day, I can dedicate my career to them as well.

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-Contacting me-

If you would like to get in contact with me, you are always welcome to comment in the comment sections at the end of each blog post. If you would like to reach me privately, please click on the Contact tab at the top of the page. That will direct you to Pure Horse Sense's very own email address.

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-Affiliate Disclosure-

The content, like blog posts, images and web pages, on the Pure Horse Sense website as well as throughout the social media accounts may contain affiliate links. This means that I might receive a small commission from the link if you were to click on it and then purchase from a third party’s site. This link will in no way increase the price of the item for you.

I promise that I will only share and recommend products that I think are worth talking about. Products that I love and that I think you will love too. The links will help you save time searching for the item on your own and it helps me to financially continue to grow Pure Horse Sense. Not only is it nice to earn a little bit while creating content that I am passionate about, but it will also allow me to track what sort of products you are interested in as well. It’s just another little way P.H.S. can grow and adapt to what your interests are!

As a blogger who wants to earn your trust, you can be assured that the companies from these affiliate links have not influenced the blog’s content or my opinions. I will also make sure to disclose all of the affiliate links included within the content. There aren’t any secrets here!


Please understand that I cannot please everyone. I truly try my best to make my content interesting to most horse lovers. However, with my riding background being of both the hunter/jumper and eventing disciplines, I'm naturally more knowledgeable in these areas.

I also do not have a background in equine medicine and I do not claim to be a professional trainer. I do not give out advice to intentionally harm you or your horse. I simply share exercises and approaches that I have learnt or read that might be useful to someone.

Please note that I do not take credit for any of the content that is not my own that I have posted on this blog. Any pictures and videos will have captions under them listing their sourced websites. The information used, which is not my own, will also have links to whichever website I referred to.

-Thank you-

Most importantly, thank you for visiting Pure Horse Sense. I hope that you’ve enjoyed browsing the site and that you’ll visit again. It’s been a pleasure having you here. Because of you and your small part, the Pure Horse Sense blog has been able to grow a little bit more every day. So for that alone, thanks again.

Until next time, happy riding!