Welcome to the Pure Horse Sense world! If you clicked on this page then you’re curious to know more about me. The person behind the blog. I’m flattered.

So what can I share with you?


-My riding background-

I met my first horse when I was about three. Though I didn't know much, I knew that these animals were special. Like many other little girls, I begged and begged my parents for riding lessons. At the age of seven, I got the chance to ride and I was hooked. Lost forever to the equestrian world.

I began to ride at a hunter/jumper barn and then later moved to an eventing stable. Though I’ve always been in awe of the diversity of the horse, I was always drawn to show jumping in particular. So, I’ve gone back to riding at another hunter/jumper barn in hopes of working towards riding and competing in show jumping at an advanced level someday.

I’ve also been drawn to natural horsemanship and building a stronger relationship with the horse. By understanding their language, we can communicate better with them. It’s a whole other side of the equine world that I think needs to be spoken about more than it is. It just makes sense that we’d work on enhancing the welfare of these animals who we love and respect so much.

-The making of Pure Horse Sense-

I love to write. When I was younger, I would write stories for fun. It was something I did during my free time. As I grew up, I discovered the world of blogging. I loved reading the latest posts from my favourite bloggers who were writing about what they enjoy. The idea of having a little spot on the internet that was their own was intriguing to me.

It just made sense to build my own little space to share about my passion with the world. So, Pure Horse Sense was born.


-My other passions-

If I can't be at the barn, then I enjoy being outside hiking with my dog Summit. There's just something about being outdoors. The peace and quiet. The fresh air. The sound of birds chirping in the trees. It's all so calming. So, I take my Greater Swiss Mountain Dog (who enjoys road trips and hikes as much as I do) and head off to the trails to unwind. You can find out more about Summit here.

As much as I might sound like a country girl (I mean, I do like country music!), I do also enjoy fashion and beauty as well. In fact, it was this interest of mine that introduced me to the world of blogging. It was later that I found the horse blogging community.

Ashley Ward, the author of Pure Horse Sense and her Greater Swiss Mountain Dog named Summit

-Where am I?-

I’m a Canadian girl.

I was born and raised in an English community just outside of Montreal, Quebec. I grew up learning both English and French, allowing me to be fluently bilingual. Something that I am very grateful for now.

There did come a time for us to move to Ontario. The Toronto area in particular. Which is where I still live currently.

I don’t know if Toronto will be my permanent home. What I do know is that I’m proud of my country as well as my British and French Canadian heritage. And if I ever get to wear that red jacket to represent my country in the ring, it would be an absolute honor.

-My goals-

Having a horse of my own is probably at the top of the list. I want to experience the responsibility and joy of taking care of my own horse. Knowing that his progress is a result of my hard work. And mine alone. Because I've had to wait so long already, I've become more and more picky about what type of horse I'd be looking for. One thing's for sure, once I do, that horse be quite spoiled (but not in an overweight kind of way!).

I also want to see the world. I want to learn and experience more. Both in and out of the barn. Experience new views and cultures. It's one thing to read about different places, but to walk down those streets is a whole different experience. It would be even greater to spend a day or a weekend at a horse show in whatever city I'd be visiting at that time. I mean, spending the day at the Longines' Global Champions Tour in Paris, how awesome would that be?! Don't worry, I'd share it all with you guys as always. That is, if I'd ever get the opportunity to do something like that, obviously!

Career wise, I want to work with horses. Riding for me is more than just a hobby, it's a lifestyle. So whether I end up owning my own boarding stable, becoming a professional rider or becoming a full time blogger, having a career with horses is and will always be my end goal. So hopefully, with a lot of hard work and dedication, I'll get to that point somehow. Fingers crossed!

Thank you for visiting Pure Horse Sense and taking the time to get to know me a little bit more. I’d love to hear from you! Let’s chat on social media, leave a comment or send me an email. I truly enjoy talking to all of you.

As always, until next time, happy riding!