3, 2, 1

3, 2, 1

For a moment, she’s flying.

For a moment, it’s peaceful.

Then she lands on the ground once more.

Her eyes focused on the fence ahead.

Legs on, steady hands and leaning back.

The snorting horse stomps the ground with each stride.

With every step, she feels connected.

With every step, they become one.

Like their hearts are beating at the same rate.

As if they're breathing from the same lungs.

Their goal is the same.

And they'll accomplish it together.

Over the next jump, they clear it.

Over the next jump, they soar.

They're approaching the last fence now.

She can almost hear the clock ticking in her ears.

Around them, all is silent.

Then they leave the ground once more.

With her eyes closed, she prays.

With her eyes closed, she hopes.

Time stops for a moment when they land.

Then just as fast as it stopped, it starts again.

And the crowd cheers.

She turns to look at the leaderboard.

Zero faults, she smiles.

Zero faults, she's first.

Falling on her horse's neck, she thanks him.

He's the one who did all the hard work

He's the reason why she can pursue her dreams.

He's the horse that's making them all come true.

Pure Horse Sense Blog- Tiffany Foster at the Royal Winter Fair 2016

Picture taken by me

  Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading something different. I thought I would try out something new here on the Pure Horse Sense blog. Sometimes I don't have an informative post to write about. And sometimes I don't have any personal riding updates to share with you. But I do enjoy writing and sometimes I like to get a little creative. I hope that's okay with you!

  Until next time, happy riding!