A Few More Minor Updates

  I'm sure you have already noticed that the layout of the blog has changed a little bit again. Hopefully these two minor changes will help improve the blog even more.


  So you have clicked the "Read more" link. This will allow you to read the full post from now on. The reason why this was added was because I can now know what posts are the most popular. It'll help me know what topics I might want to focus on in the future, which in turn makes this blog even more interesting to you.

  The other thing that has been added to this blog's layout is a little bit more discrete. At the bottom of each post, right next to the other share icons, there is a little envelope icon. This will allow you to share each post through your email if you wish to do so. I understand that some people may not have or want to share through their social media sites. So here's another way to share the blog if you would like to.

  Thank you for your time and your devotion to reading this blog. I wish you all a wonderful weekend. This week's post will be up today so look out for that as well.

  As always, if you have any questions, comments or requests of any kind, feel free to comment below or email me here as I always love hearing from you.