Apologies and Questions

  Hello everyone. I apologize for not posting anything last week. I was battling a cold and so I thought it would be best to rest instead of writing a post that might not of made any sense. To make up for it, I'll be writing last week's post and this week's post this week.

  I had found this survey off of Yahoo Answers as I was just searching around the internet that I thought it would be a good way of leading into Friday's post.

  1. Do you lease/own/ride?

  At the moment, I don't do either of the three and as a fellow horse lover, you can imagine how much of a withdrawal I am having. I have gotten pretty close to owning and leasing a couple of times, but they just never worked out. I started riding when I was 7 and had been bugging my parents for lessons since I was 3. But trust me when I say that I am desperately trying to get back into the saddle as soon as I can.

  2. How often do you ride?

  Well as you can tell by the previous question, I don't really. I do plan on riding at least once a week when I do. If I can find someone who needs help with training their horse, I'd like to be out there everyday if I could.

  3. How long have you been riding for?

I'd say it's been about 11 years that I have been riding. Though somehow that number doesn't seem right. It kind of feels like it's too long and also not long enough at the same time. But the calculator doesn't lie.

  4. What discipline do you do?

I think I've mentioned this before, but I have ridden in both hunter/jumper and eventing. Although I love the dressage and cross-country elements of eventing, I'd like to focus on the jumper discipline when I start riding again. There's something about show jumping that has always been intriguing to me.

  5. How old are you?

  I'm curious to know how old all of you think I am. Do you think I'm in my forties? My thirties? My teens? Well I guess if you wanted to do the math with the information I gave you in the previous questions you might be able to figure it out. I am actually 19 though I will be turning 20 in April.

  6. Do you compete?

  Again, the answer for right now is no, but I used to and I have a bag full of ribbons to prove it. I never really competed seriously as I was never really a competitive person although now I'd like to. I'd like to compete to try to better myself. I still don't think I'm competitive enough to be willing to do anything to win, even if that means putting a horse in danger (and I think that's a good thing).

  I do think that there is something to be said about the good points of competition. It puts both the horse and rider out of their comfort zone and makes them rely on their bond to get each other through it. With all of the new sights and smells, all you really can rely on is each other and I think that's a great thing. When you go into the ring, it should be your time to show off the great partnership you have and the ribbon is just a nice added bonus.

  7. Describe your horse/horses

  I usually like the horses that no one else does strangely enough. I like the challenge of trying to figure them out and gaining their trust. I find those kinds of horses the most rewarding to work with because they'll give you more experience and you will get a closer relationship with them once you gain their trust and respect.

  8. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?


  9. Do they like horses? If you don't, would you have a boyfriend/girlfriend that didn't like horses?

If I found someone that didn't like horses, but was up to giving them a chance and respecting the fact that they are a big part of my life, then I would say yes. But if they want nothing to do with them, it would be a little hard to work with. For me, horses aren't just a hobby, they are what I want my career to be based upon. I wouldn't have made this blog if I didn't think horses were a big part of who I am.

  10. Do you listen to music when you ride?

  It depends on where I am riding. If I'm riding in an indoor arena and the barn has the radio on then yes. If I'm riding in an outdoor arena or I'm out on a trail then no. With that said though, I do like to make up my own little tunes in my head as I ride around.

  11. What is your favourite song(s)?

  I don't know if I actually do have a favourite song. It usually changes with my mood and what's on the radio. My favourite genre is country (so stereotypical right?) although I will listen to some pop from time to time. If I had to name some of the songs I'm really liking right now they would have to be Rewind by Rascal FlattsStay by Florida Georgia Line and It Goes Like this by Thomas Rhett.

  12. What is your next equestrian related goal?

  My next equestrian related goal would have to be obviously getting back into the saddle. After that, I would have to say training to compete in higher levels of competition. I'd love to be able to compete in the provincials and then eventually in the nationals. Am I dreaming too big? Maybe. But let's just see how far I get.

  13.  When was your last fall? What happened?

  Ah, the final question. My last fall was about 3 or 4 years ago. As for what happened, it's too long of a story to answer in this post. That's where the next post for this week will come in. Subscribe to Pure Horse Sense or come back later in the week and I'll share that story.

  I hope you enjoyed the survey and learned a little bit more about me. I'd love to know what your answers would be so leave them in the comments below or send them to me via email, barnmice, twitter or Google+.

  So until next time, happy riding!