PHS Review: Aztec Diamond Equestrian Breeches


Ever since I started following Aztec Diamond Equestrian on Instagram, I’ve always wanted to try their breeches. I love the look of them and wanted to know if they’d be worth the money. So when they had their end of season sale, I decided to take the opportunity to get them on a bit of a discount.

Their breeches weren’t part of the huge sale except for their jean breeches. For the items that weren’t part of the end of season sale, they did have a 10% off discount code. Which is definitely better than nothing.

The Price

When I went to check out my items, the total converted back to pounds even though it was in my currency when I was shopping. So the breeches were £81 (£90 minus the 10%) and £30 for shipping. Making it a total of £111. So that’s about $185 CAD depending on the current exchange rate. What I love about shopping from websites in England is that tax is included in the price. What you see is what you pay.

I’ll admit, the shipping was quite expensive and I would’ve happily paid for a slower delivery instead of the next day delivery if it were an option. If I’m being honest, the shipping almost discouraged me from continuing to place my order. So maybe keep this in mind when you’re thinking of buying anything from them. That way you can also budget in the shipping costs.

Aztec Diamond Equestrian Breeches

The Shipping

The shipping process was pretty quick. I placed my order on Sunday and they were shipped out on Monday via DHL. The tracking details said that it was supposed to be delivered on Tuesday, but they were held up for a day at customs. So they showed up at my door on Wednesday. I also, luckily, didn’t have to pay for duties. So I’m definitely not upset about the whole delivery process.

If you need to return the items because they’re the wrong fit or for any other reason, you need to be aware that you will be the one paying for the postage. They do not include a prepaid return label with your order. So make sure that you triple check your measurements before your process the order.

Aztec Diamond Equestrian Breeches
Aztec Diamond Equestrian Breeches
Aztec Diamond Equestrian Breeches
Aztec Diamond Equestrian Breeches

The Fit

I suggest that you follow their sizing chart and that you use a fabric measuring tape. Measure your waist in centimetres and then divide the result by 2 so that it corresponds to the chart. In most cases, I’m usually in between two sizes, so I always tend to size up. I did choose the larger size (size 12) with these breeches and they’re the right fit for me. The waist is elasticated too so it contours to your waist nicely. Because of this, I don’t think they would slip too much if you don’t like the feeling of a belt when you’re riding.

Aztec Diamond Equestrian Breeches

They also don’t have any pressure points when wearing them. Even where the seams are. Which allows you to be comfortable and to move quite freely while riding.

The Quality

Aztec Diamond Equestrian did a good job designing their breeches. They feel well made and they have a flattering design. I usually gravitate towards breeches with a euro seat and with back pockets. Which is probably why I liked the look of these breeches so much. They come in many colours, making it very hard to choose just one. I was definitely having a hard time choosing between the navy, grey and khaki ones.

The fabric itself is a lightweight crepe-like material. Definitely not a winter breech. Unless you’re wearing warm leggings underneath. The lycra sock hems allow for the breeches to sit seamlessly under your boots to minimize pressure points. Much better than the traditional velcro hems. One thing I will mention is that the silicone knee patches aren’t really that sticky, So if you’re looking for a breech with a lot of grip, these might not work for you. As someone who is used to the traditional felt knee patches, this didn’t bother me too much.


I’d love to know if any of you have bought the Aztec Diamond Equestrian breech already. Do you like them? What colour did you buy? If you haven’t bought them yet, but would like to, let me know if you have any questions that I haven’t answered for you in this post. I’ll try my best to help you out.

Until next time, happy riding!

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