Blog Hop: Our Commercial Moment

  This is the first blog hop I have ever done so forgive me if I have done this wrong. I was reading Viva Carlos' post and figured this would be a fun one to do for this week's post.

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  This blog hop is all about your horse shopping list. As L said, "What are you buying next? Not your "Wish I could" list but your actual practical pony shopping list. And if its a high ticket item you are saving for what is it and when do you expect to order/get it?" 

  So here is my list...

  Since I haven't been riding for a while, as many of the regular Pure Horse Sense readers probably know, I need to buy quite a few of the basics to get me back in the saddle again.

  First off, both my tall boots and my paddock boots still fit me fine, but my half chaps are a little tight. They are leather so I have a feeling that they shrank because I wasn't using them for a while. I don't know if it's worth stretching them or buying a new pair. I'm worried that if I stretch them I'll just destroy them so if anyone has any suggestions on how to go about it, let me know.

  I'll also need some new riding pants. They don't need to be fancy, just ones that fit me so I can get ready for competition and then I'll get some good ones. The two pairs I have currently are well used and are too short for me now so a few new pairs are a must.

  If you've read about my most recent fall experience, then you'll know that getting a new helmet is going to be a priority for me. I've read somewhere that you should replace your helmet after every fall. I can't see everyone doing this because that could get quite expensive depending on your experience and the horse you are riding. I do agree, however, on replacing your helmet after every bad fall. I don't want to take my chances on riding with my helmet, falling again and it not protecting me like it should because it was cracked from the last fall and I wasn't aware. So, a new helmet is on the list. I'd like to get a Charles Owen or an IRH one.

  Those are my top shopping list items. After that, I'll probably buy little things like some new gloves. Because I don't lease or own a horse, I don't need to worry about tack and other horse supplies. Once I do get going again, I know that things like buying a saddle and bridle will be added onto the list. But for right now, the things I have listed are my priority.

  So, what's on your horse shopping list? If you're a horse blogger and you're new to the blog hop world like me, I encourage you to try it. It's a lot of fun. If this is your first time visiting Pure Horse Sense, welcome! If you'd like to subscribe to stay up to date on future posts, you can learn about all the ways to do so by clicking on the How to Stay Connected with Pure Horse Sense link on the left side of your screen.

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  I wish you all a wonderful weekend and thank you for reading Pure Horse Sense.

  Until next time, happy riding!