Breed Profile: Canadian

  I'm going to start a new segment here on the Pure Horse Sense called Breed Profile. In these posts, I'll share a quick overview on some of the horse breeds we might know.

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  For the first post, let's get to know the Canadian a bit better.

  The Canadian, also nicknamed The Little Iron Horse, was a valuable asset to those who lived in the French colony before Canada was even a country. Their name, the Canadian, only came to be after Canada's confederation. The term Canadien refers to the French speaking people of Canada.

  They were used for pretty much anything. From farm work, to cart pulling, to a war horse, these little horses did it all. Their nickname comes from their ability to adapt to changing conditions and to survive on very little food. 

  The Canadian, unlike some other breeds, is still very similar to what it looked like so many years ago. They're 14 to 16 hands high and usually black in colour. Like in the pictures, they're a broad and strong little horse. He is brave and willing to help his owner with any task. 

  If you've never heard of the Canadian, you may not be the only one. This little horse that played a part in Canada's history (and is considered the national horse of Canada) is fighting extinction. With our society the way it is, we don't need horses to work for us. We use our horses for sport now. And even though the Canadian can perform well in dressage, jumping or another discipline, they probably can't take you to national competitions. 

  So, I hope that you've enjoyed getting to know the Canadian a little bit more. The Canadian is a special breed to me as a Canadian myself, a horse lover and someone who almost bought one a long time ago.

  Let me know if there are any other breeds you'd like me to write about. Thank you for reading.

  Until next time, happy riding!