Brown or Black

  In the horse world, it seems to me that you have people that either prefer black leather or brown leather. There are very few people that seem to like both.

  So I am curious, what colour do you prefer?

  I went to my local tack shop recently to get a few more things that I needed before I start to ride again. One of which was a new helmet and the other were new brown half chaps. When I left the store, I didn't come out with either of the things I needed. Why? Because they didn't have my helmet size and they didn't carry any brown leather chaps.

  I was surprised to learn that the only company they had that carried the brown leather half chaps had discontinued the colour while still keeping the black ones. My paddock boots, of course, are brown so it's not like I could just get the black ones. To buy a new pair of paddock boots just because of the chaps situation seems like a waste of money to me.

  When I got home, I went onto another tack shop's website. Turns out, they don't supply brown leather half chaps either (they do have suede ones though).

  This got me thinking. Am I one of the few people who still like brown leather over black? Although my tall boots are black, I tend to gravitate towards brown leather more often. Besides, my tall boots were bought for the show ring in mind whereas my paddock boots were bought for around the barn.

  What do you guys think? What is your favourite colour for leather?

  Thank you for being patient with me while I've missed quite a few weeks of blog posts. I haven't gone away or given up on this blog (in case you were wondering). It's just been a busy month and the next few months will be too. I'll try my best to be posting weekly from now on, but I don't want to promise anything. The best way to stay updated with Pure Horse Sense would be to subscribe to the blog if you haven't done so already. Just click on the Stay Connected tab to find out all the ways to stay updated.

  Thank you again for your patience. 

  Until next time, happy riding!

InformativeAshley Ward