PHS Review: Ego 7 Orion Field Boot

I first learnt about the Ego 7 brand last year at the Royal Winter Agricultural Fair. A tack shop had a booth at the fair filled with many different items that they were selling. They had a display of a few different tall boots from companies I wasn’t completely familiar with. I wasn’t looking for a pair right then, but I did know that my paddock boots were getting a bit tired and I would need to save up for a pair of boots soon.


Their friendly sales staff didn’t pressure me to purchase anything right then, but did suggest that I try them on to see how I liked them. They also had a sales rep from Ego 7 there to help me find the right fit. So I zipped up into their Orion field boots and love the way they looked. They fit me almost perfectly and the leather was so soft. I had a feeling that it wouldn’t take a long time to break in.

The rep then went on to explain to me that Ego 7 is Tucci’s stock boot company. Which made sense because they fit me better than other tall boots I’ve tried. Almost like they were an italian designed custom boot, just straight off the shelf.

So a few months later, I decided to go out and buy the boots. I took them home and conditioned them so that they were ready for my next ride. It only took about 10 rides to fully break them in. The majority of the boot was pretty much broken in after about the 4th ride, but the spot right behind my knees took the longest to get soft. Now that they’re fully broken in, I can barely feel them at all.

Ego 7 Orion Field Boot
Ego 7 Orion Field Boot
Ego 7 Orion Field Boot

The 3 notches at the back of the boot for the spurs is quite handy too. It prevents the spur from moving around on the heel. There’s also a leather panel that protects your heel from the zipper as you zip up the boot. At the top of the boot, you can loop the string attached to the zipper around another leather piece behind the clasp to keep it from slipping while you’re out riding. On the inside of the calf, the leather is thicker and more durable. This allows the boot to last longer because you’re less likely to rub in a hole.

If you’re curious about these boots, I suggest that you find the closest store to you so that you can try them on, If you’d like, you can learn more about the Orion boot here.

Have you tried the Ego 7 boots? What boots are your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, happy riding!