PHS Review: Equestrian Stockholm Saddle Pad

Equestrian Stockholm jumping saddle pad in steel grey

I finally got my hands on an Equestrian Stockholm jumping saddle pad!

If you’re anything like me, then you probably can’t stop scrolling through their gorgeous designs on their Instagram feed and on their website. If you’re also like me, then you’ve also cringed a bit at their price tag. Sure, they look really luxe, but at € 66 that’s a little over $ 100 Canadian (or a little over $ 75 US). And that’s all depending on the currency exchange rate at the time of purchase too. So considering I can go to my local tack shop and buy a perfectly good quality saddle pad for around $ 50, I was unsure if it was worth the splurge.

Luckily, my Dad ever so kindly ordered the jumping saddle pad in steel grey for me as a Christmas present. Though I secretly wanted one of the olive or emerald green ones, the grey will go with pretty much anything and is still just as stunning. It wouldn’t have been my first choice, but now that I have the grey, it’s really wearing on me. It still stands out, but it’s not in your face either. It also goes well with any horse.

I’ve gotten quite a lot of compliments when I’ve brought it with me to the barn. Many people will ask me where I got it. Some of which were not be aware of Equestrian Stockholm because they’re not active on social media. I guess it’s a good marketing technique to stand out from the crowd.

Unfortunately, this and many other colours don’t seem to be available on their website at this moment. I don’t know if they were limited edition colours or if they are just out of stock. They do, however, have many other beautiful colours to choose from.

The Quality

In person, it’s pretty much how I expected it to look and feel like. The outside is like a satin fabric instead of your typical cotton. This is what give it that shine that makes it look so high end. I like the large diamond stitching across the whole pad. The pattern makes it stand out from your standard small diamond patterns that you see on most pads.

The padding within the pad is quite thick. I’m curious to see how this pad does in warmer weather as I’m worried that it might make the horse too sweaty when he’s put to work. That being said, the under side does have a towel like fabric to it. So maybe it’s designed to wick away the sweat from the horse. Time will tell for that, I guess.

Like your typical saddle pads, the billet strap is pretty standard quality with the Velcro to allow for an adjusted fit. What’s interesting is that the girth strap has the same Velcro adjustment. That’s the first time I’ve seen that feature on any of the saddle pads I’ve used. I don’t know how handy that feature is, but it’s there if you need it.

Also, the metal Equestrian Stockholm badge suits the pad’s design quite nicely. I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of apparent branding. In fact, I’m less likely to buy a product if the company’s name is very in your face. That goes for anything I buy from clothing to shoes… even saddle pads. With that said, I don’t mind this badge. The engraving is small enough that you can’t see it from far away. And in my opinion, these pads have such a unique look that you’ll probably know what brand it is without having to look at the label.

Equestrian Stockholm jumping saddle pad under pad in steel grey
Equestrian Stockholm jumping saddle pad strap in steel grey

Are they worth the money?

Yes and no. They’re definitely worth more than your standard pads. There’s no question there. But when you factor in the exchange rate and the added duty fees, these aren’t exactly what I would consider affordable. They’re special and more of an added fashion accessory to your tack. If you’re a saddle pad addict and would like something special to add to your collection, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with an Equestrian Stockholm pad.

If you’re looking for an every day pad that you can use all the time, throw it on the ground and not really look after it, you’re better saving your money. I think that these pads are special and should be treated with care.

Equestrian Stockholm jumping saddle pad logo in steel grey

Does that mean I won’t buy another one in the future?

Not really. I think that if I have the extra money to spend, the exchange rate is good and I really like a certain colour, I will definitely buy another one. I just really love the look of these pads and I’m such a fan of their rich colours. And to be honest, I’m still scrolling through their selection online.

I love how classically different they are. Their designs are so fashion forward but classic at the same time. Very much my style. I might also be inclined to purchase one of their breeches or riding jackets. Even their tops look really nice to me. Is anyone else drawn to their collections?

I’ll also include a link to their about page here. I really do think that this is a great company. They’re environment conscious and their brand’s vision is very positive. That alone makes this company one that’s worth supporting. They’re taking steps to make their business, and hopefully inspire others, to make a good impact on the world. They not just making saddle pads and riding apparel.

I hope this post has answered some of your questions when it comes to buying your very own Equestrian Stockholm saddle pad. If you’re still unsure, then please leave a comment below and I’ll try to help as much as I can.

If you have bought your own saddle pad from Equestrian Stockholm already, I’d love to know what you think of them. Were you happy with your purchase? Leave it in the comments below.

Until next time, happy riding!