3 Reasons Why an Equestrian Makes a Great Employee

  As I sat at my desk doing my job just like every other normal day, I realised just how much horseback riding can influence our jobs. There's certain things that we've learnt from working around horses.

  So here's just three qualities that an equestrian has learnt that makes them a great employee.

  The first quality might be the most obvious. Equestrians are hardworking. They are focused on working to obtain their goal. Let's face it, horses are an expensive hobby. If you don't come from money, riders are determined to work hard to be able to fund their passion. They constantly remind themselves of why they get up and go to work. Especially if it's somewhere that they'd rather not be. That's also why riders may work the extra hours. Any extra money is always appreciated.

  Equestrians are also organised, but that doesn't always mean that their work spaces are neat. Being around horses, you need to be prepared ahead of time. You can't start tacking up your horse and forget to grab your saddle from the tack room ahead of time. You also can't enter into the show ring without knowing the course and having a game plan. The point is, equestrians need to be organised and prepared ahead of time. That's a skill that's needed in the work force. Knowing when deadlines are due, where the reports are kept and when the next meeting will be held, these are all things that can benefit from being organised.

  Finally, equestrians are attentive. They need to be aware of their surroundings. A horse can spook at almost anything and there can be many areas for accidents at the barn. Riders need to stay on their toes. When it comes to their careers, this quality allows them to be aware of everything around them. They can know if any of their coworkers need help. Being attentive helps them multitask and allows them adapt to their environment. They're able to pay attention to the details while also being productive in their work.

  So, there's a few qualities that equestrians have learnt from being around horses. Are there any other aspects that make up the characteristics of a rider that makes them great employees? I'd love to know what you think!

  Until next time, happy riding!