Equine News: Accidents

  I read this article by Horsetalk.co.nz and was surprised at what I was reading. The article was related to accidents involving horses. They said that horses are not always to blame for the accidents. I thought that was something all horse people understood. Don't we all know the expression, "It's never the horse's fault?". Well apparently not I guess.

  For those of you who may still blame the horse for accidents, click here to read the article. It'll give you the basics to why it's never the horse's fault.

  I realise that they say "it's not always the horse's fault" when I say "it never is". The reason why I say never is because a horse will react on instinct. He is just being who he is. If you end up being at the wrong place and at the wrong time and you get hurt, you can't blame him. He's only reacting the way he knows how to.

  I could write many posts going on and on about this topic. So, instead I will just leave it at this. It can be very hard to admit that we, ourselves, are the ones who are wrong. It is much easier to blame another (especially one who cannot speak up for himself). Try to be understanding about what a horse is and take responsibility for your choices. Because in the end, you should have known better, not the horse.

Remember this famous quote: 

When you point one finger; there are always three pointing back at you.

  With that said, I wish you all a wonderful day. Thank you for reading my blog and there will be more "Equine News" posts this week as well as the weekly blog post.