Equine News: Ears Predicting Success

  When trying to understand what a horse is trying to communicate to us, one of the first things we look at are their ears. They tell us if they are relaxed, attentive, curious or angry (along with many other things). So what if a horse's ears could be telling us even more things? What if their ear position could tell us whether we were going to clear a jump?

  Could that be possible?

  Three University of Guelph researchers, Katrina Merkies, Teaghan Reid and Samantha Seewald, discovered that a horse jumping with his ears forward would be more likely to clear a jump. Though the ear position does not have any affect at the approach of the jump, it does seem to have an effect while in the air.

  Though this may not be true in every case, it is pretty interesting to learn about. It shows that the horse is aware of this jumping efforts and is communicating to the rider whether he is pleased with the result.

  If you would like to learn more about this study, you can read the article from Horsetalk.co.nz by clicking here.

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