Equine News: Feeding Routines During Show Season

I received this article, along with a few others, linked in today's theHorse.com's subscription email and I thought it was worth the share.

  If any of you are planning on showing, or are already showing, this article is worth the read.

  The article itself isn't too long, but it gives you some quick and useful tips on how to maintain your horse's feeding regime while traveling and competing.

  If you're interested in the article, you can read  Managing Feeding Programs on the Road for Show Horses here. 

 I'd also recommend signing up to their subscription service (you might have to any way to read the article). It's free and you'll receive articles on topics you are interested in sent through a newsletter by email.

  This has been the first Equine News post for quite some time now and I apologise for that. For those of you new to Pure Horse Sense, the Equine News posts are short posts about articles or news items in the horse world that I thought were worth sharing. They also do not count as a weekly post either (so there will be another post later this week). I can't guarantee that I'll post more of these more often from now on, but I promise to share what I do find that I think is worth sharing.

  Until next time, happy riding!

This post was not sponsored by theHorse.com. 

Their article simply inspired the topic of this post.