Equine News: Smart Horses

  Here is a video and an article I have found that I think all of you should know about. Skuggi, a horse who lives in Iceland, has proven once again that our equine friends are a lot smarter than the average person gives them credit for. This little ten year old horse has been taught the basics of mathematics.

  Skuggi is a great example of how great these animals really are.

Jónína, a fifteen year old girl, has only had Skuggi for a year. She taught him a Spanish routine where he learnt to paw like you see in the video. Later, her friend asked if she was going to teach her horse to count. When she gave it a try, she discovered that Skuggi was a fast learner and is now able to count to ten and do a bit of calculation.

  To read the full article from the Iceland Review, click here.

Watch the video:


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