Equine News: Spruce Meadows

  For those of you who may not know about Spruce Meadows, it is a very well known show jumping competition facility in Alberta, Canada. The greatest athletes of our sport, from all over the world, travel to Alberta to compete in their shows every year.

  Since I am subscribed to their YouTube channel, I have discovered their one hour long videos that talk about some of the greatest events, horses and people in show jumping. I have watched three of them so far and I must say that they are worth your time to watch them if you love the sport of show jumping as much as I do.

  So far I have watched their three most recent videos:

  • All Access: Beezie Madden

  • Top 10 Comebacks

  • Top 10 Jump-offs

  I have enjoyed watching all three of them and plan to watch many more such as the ones on Eric Lamaze, Hickstead, Big Ben, Rodrigo Pessoa and the course designers.

  For those of you who would like to watch their videos, you can click here to go to the main video page. I will also link their YouTube channel here if you would like to see it as well as their website here. They also have a Twitter, a Pinterest and a Facebook page if you would like to stay connected with them even more. 

 Okay, I have just given all of you quite a few links (6 in all) to check out so I will leave you with that before I give you any more. I wish you all a wonderful rest of the week and I will be writing to you all very soon. Take care and thank you for reading!