What I Bought at Greenhawk's Fall Warehouse Sale

  Here in Canada, we have a tack shop retail chain called Greenhawk. It's a place where you can find all of your necessities for the horse and rider. Twice a year, the warehouse opens its doors to the public for its warehouse sale. This year, I was able to make it to their fall sale which ran from Thursday until Saturday.

Ariat boots, socks and a dog's winter jacket. Greenhawk's warehouse sale haul | Pure Horse Sense Blog

Picture taken by me

Here's some of the deals I was able to find.

Let's start with the more "boring" purchase. I bought two pairs of Elation socks.

These are their thermal boot socks and they were a life saver for me last winter. There's nothing worse than the feeling of your toes freezing while you're riding. Since I didn't own a pair of winter boots, these socks definitely kept my feet warm enough to ride in my summer paddock boots and chaps.

They might not be a fun colour or pattern, but they do their job and they do it well. It's a thicker sock with a fuzzy lining on the inside. Very similar to the lined tights you would wear under your dresses in the winter. 

Greenhawk's warehouse sale haul. Elation thermal boot socks | Pure Horse Sense Blog

Picture taken by me

I bought two pairs. Both originally $11.99 each, but on sale for $6.00. For a total of $12.00, so two for the price of one. How can you go wrong there?

The next thing I decided to pick up was a new winter jacket for my puppy. He just turned one, so he's just about done growing. He definitely doesn't fit in his oldShedrow Tundra dog coat, so I took the opportunity to buy one there and take advantage of the sale. Last year, I bought him the red colour. This year, I decided to stick to the red theme, but I bought the burgundy one instead.

Greenhawk warehouse sale. Shedrow tundra dog coat in red | Pure Horse Sense Blog

Picture taken by me

Summit loves his coat. It's got a durable shell that doesn't scratch easily and it also keeps him dry if it were to rain. The lining on the inside is insulated and soft. Sort of like you're favourite hoody. The front and belly tabs are velcro which makes it easily adjustable. There are also two elastic pieces to go around your dog's hind legs to make sure the coat stays in place while he runs around.

These coats come in all sorts of colours and patterns. They also have some less insulated ones too. If you have a horse, they have some of the same colours and patterns available for them too. That way both your equine and canine friends can match.

Greenhawk's warehouse sale. Shedrow tundra dog coat in burgundy | Pure Horse Sense Blog

Picture taken by me

The price of these coats will vary depending on the size. Summit's coat is a XL and is usually $39.99. During the warehouse sale, I bought mine for $29.99. Even though it wasn't a huge discount, it's definitely better than nothing.

And last, but certainly not least. I bought the Ariat Bromont tall winter boots. No more freezing toes for me! I've been eyeing these boots for a while now. I've always been a fan of Ariat's boots. Sure they might take a bit to break in like most boots, but I just love how comfortable they are. So when I saw that these boots would be included in the sale, it was worth the drive just to see if they would still have my size.

And they did. Just sitting there. On the table. Waiting for me to take them home.

Greenhawk's warehouse sale. Ariat Bromont tall winter boot | Pure Horse Sense Blog

Picture taken by me

So now I have enough time to break them in at home before I actually need to ride with them. That way I can condition and stretch them enough that I won't be having to do that in the saddle. Until I do ride with them a few times, I won't be able to do a full review on the boots. But as far as first impressions go, I'm quite happy and I love the look of them.

Now as for the price that I paid. That's where these boots became a steal. Originally, they are $435.00. They were listed as $249.00 for the sale. However, once I got to the cash, there was an additional mark down. So I only paid $174.30 for these boots. That's quite an amazing deal. You can't go wrong there!

Greenhawk's warehouse sale. Ariat Bromont tall winter boot | Pure Horse Sense Blog

Picture taken by me

If you ever have the chance to check out Greenhawk's warehouse sales, you should definitely take a peak. Not everything will have an amazing markdown, but you might just find that one amazing deal that makes the whole visit worthwhile.

Let me know if you had a chance to shop Greenhawk's sale and what you ended up buying. If you live outside of Canada, what tack stores do you have in your area? Do you prefer shopping online or in person? I'd love to know!

Until next time, happy riding!