A Horse Lover's Passion

  Horses are beautiful, majestic animals and it's very difficult not to catch the equine bug. All of you who read my blog probably have a passion for horses or know someone who does.

  What's great about the horse is that he doesn't care about what you do or your social status. All he cares about is who you are and this person is no exception to that rule.

  The person I am referring to is the Queen of England herself.

  Queen Elizabeth II is known for being the Queen of England, her corgis and her horses. Like most of us, she caught the equine bug as a young child. She received her first pony, Peggy, and her love for horses grew from there.

  She has a love for all horses from the Thoroughbred to the Highland Pony and she enjoys many riding disciplines such as racing and polo.

  She also has her own breeding program located in various locations. She and the rest of her team are always trying to make the horse even better than before. The Queen enjoys being involved in the breeding program as much as she can with her busy schedule too.

  Queen Elizabeth is also not just a pretty face when it comes to horses, she's very knowledgeable about them and their disciplines.

  Below is a video that shows the Queen in a different light than what we are used to. It shows the love she has with the horse and her involvement with them. You might also see some familiar faces in the video such as Monty Roberts who helps train some of her horses.

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  After watching that video, wouldn't you love to be able to sit down with her and just talk about horses? I know I would.

  So, that's it for this week. I hope you are all doing well and are enjoying your own horses. Thank you for reading and I wish you all a great week.

  Until the next post, happy riding!