Horse People

Lately I’ve been thinking about how non-horse people view horse people. It seems like they all usually have the same image in their head of how we all are. Especially if we ride English. They seem to see the highly privileged rich person driving to their barn in an expensive car to ride their horse that costs just as much if not more. They’re usually using tack that costs more than an average person’s earnings in a month with perfectly polished boots and a Gucci belt around their waist.

Though that might be the image some people portray, it’s not the case with all of us equestrians. So I thought I would share some the other types of horse people that exist.

(Keep in mind that this post is all fun and games. This is by no means meant to insult anyone.)

The worker

This is the person who would spend any waking moment at the barn. Even if it means doing all of the barn chores. They want to learn everything about running a stable. They believe that their hard work will pay off in the end.

Even though they’re barely making any money to survive, being around the horses makes it all worth it. Regardless of whether or not they end up in a career with horses later on, their dedication and positive attitude is something that most people will never learn to master.

The athlete

Whether they have the money behind them or not, these riders are willing to put in the saddle time to improve their riding skills. With dreams of riding in the Olympics, they keep wanting to push further. Their eyes are bright and they’re ready for the next challenge. They’re excited when their coach raises the bar and they’re analytical when they make a mistake. The athlete is always focused and never afraid to go after those dreams they have.

horse ear

The competitor

These equestrians are in it to win it. They know that they are the best out there. Like the athlete, they have big dreams. They’re just more determined to get there. They’re not too concerned about the how, they just know that they will.

First place is the only place for the competitor. Anything else is not good enough.

They get a high when they enter the ring and hear their name being announced. They love the crowds watching them. They live for the competition ring. Even when they’re at home, they train like they’re at a show. They might even race another rider when tacking up. Regardless if the other person knows it or not. Though people might think that the competitor is a little intense, their determination is something to be admired.

The hobbyist

Who cares about competition or equine careers? The hobbyist is perfectly happy having their horses in the paddock behind their house. They live on their own private farm and love their horses’ company. They’re not out to prove anything. They might not have all of the fancy equipment or facilities, but who really needs that anyway? The hobbyist understands how truly special the connection between a horse and rider actually is. All of the other stuff can all come and go, but a good bond with a horse is forever.

The horse whisperer

The horse whisperer loves learning more about the horse’s psychology. Learning how they communicate, how they think and how they react. It’s through this knowledge that they gain a greater understanding for their horses. They’re not really out to prove anything. They just want to focus on their bond with their horse. They love working at liberty and riding without tack. After all, it’s not about control. It’s about trust. The compassion and sensitivity of the horse whisperer is not something to be ignored. They see things that some of us don’t and what they can do with horses is often breathtaking.

I think I could go on and on with this list of different horse people, but I think I’ll leave it here as the post is already getting a bit long. Feel free to leave some more categories in the comments below.

I guess the point of the post is that there are a lot of different types of equestrians. We don’t all fit the stereotypical image that we’re portrayed as. Even with some of the categories that I’ve written, there will be differences and variations. Some people may be more than just one category. That’s what makes is all so special.

Until next time, happy riding!