If I Had 100,000 Dollars

  You must have heard the song If I Had a Million Dollars by the Barenaked Ladies, but what if you were given 100,000 dollars? It's a popular post going around the equine blogger community that I thought would be fun to try.

So what would I do if I had 100,000 dollars to spend? An Eventful Life created the first version of this post. Her only instructions were as follows:

"Imagine someone gave you $100,000 free and clear. Assume taxes are already taken care of and you can spend the whole amount. The catch: you have to spend the whole amount on horse-related things. What do you buy?"

  First of all, I would make sure that I shared every step of my experiences with all of you, the readers of Pure Horse Sense. Just because I received this generous amount of money doesn't mean that I would ever stop blogging.

  Next I would buy myself a horse. Like most girls, I have wanted a horse ever since I was little, but finances never allowed me the opportunity. Now that I do, I'd spend $8,000 on a good horse. The bloodline of a horse doesn't concern me as much as it's personality and health. As long as it's a good, strong horse I'll be happy with whichever one I get.

  Next I would spend $3,000 on tack for my new horse. I'd leave $18,000 to pay for 3 years of boarding fees (usually $500 per month) so that I can save up enough to always be able to pay for boarding with no problems.

  I'll then need to spend $30,000 on a good used GMC or Chevrolet pickup truck and $10,000 on a trailer. That way, I can haul my horse to local shows and trails.

  I'd put $10,000 into a savings account so that I can have access to it for emergency vet bills and to eventually help put a downpayment on some land of my own. I'd spend $5,500 on trips to Calgary, Alberta to visit another Spruce Meadows competition and to Rio, Brazil to cheer on our athletes in the 2016 Olympics. Of course, I would blog those trips to share with all of you as well.

  Another $10,000 will be given to good horse charities to help those who need it most. Money can make us greedy and if we're not careful, we can spend it way too fast. No matter what, I think it's important to remember who you were before and to not let the cash in your pocket affect you.

  That leaves me with $5,500. I'd use that for going to competitions and to clinics. I'd also use it to help pay for the gas.

  Even if there weren't these restrictions for spending the 100,000 dollars, I think I would still spend it more or less the same way. If you'd like to read some more blog posts about how other bloggers would spend their 100,000 dollars, you can read An Eventful Life's here or Viva Carlos' here.

  How would you spend $100,000 if you were given the same rules as this post?

  Thank you for reading Pure Horse Sense and have a wonderful week.

  Until next time, happy riding!