The Intelligence of a Horse

  We all know that horses are intelligent animals, but just how smart are they?

  Here's a gelding that shows  just how intelligent a horse can be if they are given time, patience and understanding. This horse has been featured in many articles, blogs and has been on television. He is even a Guinness Record holder and has been named the world's smartest horse.

  So who is this horse?

  Meet Lukas. He's a thoroughbred gelding that stands at 16.2 hands and is now about 20 years old. He used to be a racehorse for a short time and then was moved to many new homes before he met Karen Murdock.

  Karen is both Lukas' trainer and owner. She trains him at liberty and doesn't own a whip so you know that Lukas is doing everything because he wants to please.

  It is amazing how much this horse knows. He is able to do tricks like rear, catch and kiss. He is also able to know the difference between different shapes, numbers and letters. In fact, Lukas' Guinness World Record is for the most numbers properly identified by a horse in one minute.

  The way he identifies the different numbers, letters or shapes is quite simple. They place a little table in front of Lukas with 5 different objects. Karen then stands opposite him at the table and asks him "where's your two?" and Lukas will then point to it with his nose. Once he has done that correctly, he gets a treat.

  It is wonderful to watch Karen and Lukas interact with each other. It's very calm yet playful.

  Below is a short documentary about Lukas and Karen's journey so far:

  If you would like to watch more videos about Lukas and Karen, they have their own YouTube channel which you can find by clicking here. They also have their own website which you can go to by clicking here.

  This is truly a beautiful story about second chances.

  So that is it for this week, I hope you are all doing well and enjoying your horses. Thank you for reading and I hope that this story encourages you not to give up on a horse and maybe to try to teach them a few tricks. Who knows, your horse may be the next Guinness Record holder.

  Until next time, happy riding!