New Blog Layout!

  Am I posting two posts in one week and on top of that on the same day? Well I guess all of you are very lucky today.

  It's pretty obvious I've made a few changes, so I would just like to let you know about the new layout. It should basically make this blog a little easier to use.

  The website will still open with all of the blog posts listed in front of you as they always have. I have also added two new tabs at the top of the page: Home and Contact Me. When clicking on them, you'll get a little more information about me.

  On the Home page, I let you know a little of what the blog is about as well as some information about the pictures I post here. It is pretty much an overview of this blog.

  On the Contact Me page, I have made it easier for all of you to find my email address to contact me. Please don't hesitate to email as I would always love to hear from you.

  I have already written about the pictures and my email address before and if you have read all of my past posts you should know about this already. I just figured that as more people come to read my blog and as more posts accumulate, this information might get lost.

  Also I would like to advise you that the link at the bottom of the page named "Home" won't take you to the Home page. Instead it will take you back to the first page of Blog Posts where you'll see my most recent posts. I know that this is a little confusing and I am trying to see if I can fix that.

  I hope that everyone enjoys the new layout and that things become a little easier to find. I would also like to thank all of you for reading my blog!