Riding Without a Saddle

   Riding bareback is a great way to build up better communication with your horse as well as help you build up your balance and your confidence. The only thing you might consider while doing this is riding with a bareback pad.The reason why I think it's better to ride with the pad instead of without it is because you don't want to cause pain. The top of the horse's back has hardly any fat or muscle. It's pretty much just their spine under their skin. If you were to ride without a bareback pad, your chances of your tail bone digging into your horse's spine has just increased. You don't want your horse to learn to not like riding bareback because it feels pain, do you? It should be an amazing experience for both of you. So why not get rid of that risk by riding with the bareback pad? It gives you all of the same benefits, but with the addition of extra comfort. 

   Now, if you are going to buy a bareback pad, there are a few things you will have to look for. The first would be to never buy a bareback pad that has stirrups attached to it. Although it might sound like a good idea, it'll cause more harm than good. Stirrups can cause the pad to slip as it doesn't have a tree like a saddle does to stop it. The next thing you know, you'll be on the ground because the whole pad decided to move.

   Another thing to look for is if the pad has a double girth or a breast collar. This is also to insure that the pad won't be moving around as the fabric of some of the pads could slip if not properly attached to your horse's back.

   If you are only planning to ride bareback every now and again, investing in a pad may not be too logical. However, if you will be riding without a saddle often, buying a bareback pad is a really good idea. Also, for those of you who like the bright coloured halters and polos, bareback pads come in all shapes, colours and patterns. For those of you who don't like the bright colours and patterns, there are some really nice ones that are neutral coloured as well. So you can find the right pad for you.

   I hope this information was helpful to you and I hope that you are doing well. Thank you for reading my blog. If you have any requests or questions, please do not be afraid to ask as I would love to hear from you.