Why is it That... (Shelters)

   Have you ever noticed how some horses don't go into their shelters out into the field even when the weather is horrible? Well instead of wondering why the horse is being stupid, look at the shelter itself.

   We, as humans, tend to forget that horses have different instincts than us. A horse doesn't like to feel trapped. He'll start to feel insecure because an animal like a wolf could easily come and kill him because there's no where for him to go. That's why a horse will choose to stand in the rain instead of in the shelter.

   So what can you do to fix this? How can you get your horse out of the bad weather while he is out in the field?

   There are two options. The first is to add trees in your paddocks so your horses could stand under the branches to get shelter. Although this might not be the best option, it can be a good option for some.

   The other is to change the design of your shelters. Make sure that there is a place where the horse can escape. That way the horse won't feel trapped and will make use of your shelter. If you have a shelter with only two walls, it's very open and is inviting to a horse. It'll protect him from the wind and the rain as well.

   I hope that you found this information was helpful and that you are having a great day. Thank you for reading my blog.