Soap It Up

  I took the time today to wash my two pairs of boots and chaps. Even though they don't get to visit the barn like they should, they do need to be cleaned every now and then to prevent them from cracking.

  I used a new soap this time around as my other one is old and almost empty. I figured I'd share my thoughts with you.

  Normally, the glycerine soap I use is from Stubben. I love its smell and how it cleans. Unfortunately, I've had it for so long and I'm down to its last few uses. Not knowing if saddle soap expires, I decided that I might as well pick up a new container from my local tack shop.

Picture taken by me

  I headed over to the soap section and was disappointed to not of found any of the Stubben soaps. With so many other options, I got a little overwhelmed. I stood there for so long looking through the other soaps. I didn't want to get the Fiebing's Saddle Soap bar or their paste simply because many people use it and I wanted to try something different. The Fiebing's products were the dominant company available at the store so I figured I would buy a bottle of their Foaming Liquid Glycerine Saddle Soap and give it a try.

  If you're looking for a soap that will quickly clean your boots and tack, this is for you. It smells like the Stubben soap just not as strong. It absorbs well into the leather instead of turning into a big sudsy mess. To clean one of my tall boots, it took about 5 to 6 pumps.

  If you're looking for a soap that will deep clean your boots, you might want to choose another product over this foam one. This is simply because you'll need to use more pumps of the product. Since it comes in a 5 fluid ounce bottle, you'll use up all of the product pretty quickly if you plan on only deep cleaning your boots with this.

Picture taken by me

  If you like the Stubben smell like I do, but it might be a little too strong for you or you want a cheaper option, this foaming soap and the rest of the Fiebing's line are good alternatives.

  Have you tried these soaps before? What are your thoughts? Are there any other saddle soaps that you would recommend? I'm always up for trying new products in search of the best ones available so let me know.

  I hope you all have a wonderful Father's Day weekend and thank you for reading the Pure Horse Sense blog.

  Until next time, happy riding!

This post was not sponsored by Stubben or Fiebing's in any way. Their products simply inspired the topic of this post.