There are many different options when it comes to choosing your stirrups. You have the basic stirrup like the one you see in the image below and then there are stirrups that have been modified a bit. Some are designed to help your leg and heel position and others are designed to be more safer than your basic stirrup. Continue reading to learn about the three most popular stirrup options available other than you basic stirrup.

The Peacock Stirrup

  The peacock stirrup is an option that was designed to be a safer option than the average stirrup. Instead of having the metal surround the rider's boot, the peacock stirrup only has half of the boot surrounded by the metal and the other by an elastic. This way, if a rider were to fall with their foot still in the stirrup, the elastic will give way to free the rider instead of possibly being dragged by the horse.

  The Jointed Stirrup

  A jointed stirrup is one where the the metal surrounding the boot of the rider is linked in some areas and then covered by rubber. The reason for this is to maximise the flexibility of the stirrup and minimise the amount of shock sent through the rider's leg.

  The Flex Stirrup

  The flex stirrup is similar to the jointed stirrup in which the stirrup moves when pressure is applied to it though not as much as the jointed stirrup. The flex stirrup is jointed at the bottom of the stirrup to help the rider keep their heels down. Although some use the stirrup to on beginners to keep their heels down, the stirrup may be more helpful to those who have weak or stiff ankles. Sometimes riding with a basic stirrup can make your ankles or knees sore after a ride. The flex stirrup may be able to reduce that soreness by allowing you not to put so much pressure in your feet to keep your heels down.

  So now you know some of the different options out there when it comes to choosing your stirrups. All of these stirrups have their pros and cons, just make sure that you choose the one that will be best for you.

  Until next week, I wish you all well and thank you for reading my blog.