Technology for Horses

  Apps for your iPhone or Android devices have been increasing in popularity. There's everything from games to social media available for you to download. For a horse owner, having apps for their horse is really useful and convenient. I've found a few that I think are worth sharing. They range from apps for dressage to apps for hay.


  If you are a dressage rider and you are looking for an app where you can design your own tests, try the Dressage Lite for horse riders (free) or the Dressage Pro for horse riders (for a fee). Both of these allow you to design your own tests so you can work on the things you want to.

  For those looking for an app where you can get dressage tests on your phone that are already designed, try the USEF EquiTests 3 - Dressage, the USEF EquiTests 2 - Eventing, the FEI EquiTests 3 - Dressage, the FEI EquiTests 2 - Eventing, the FEI EquiTests 4 - Para or the 101 Dressage. All of these cost a fee though, so if you are looking for a free app version, try the FEI EquiTests 1 - Lite.

  If you plan on practising a dressage test when no one is around to help you call out the next figure, try the Dressage Caller Lite (free) or the Dressage Caller Pro (for a fee). Both of these apps allow you to enter in your dressage test so that, as you ride your test, your phone will call out the next move for you. 


  If you are looking for an app that allows you to design your own jump courses, try the Equestrian Jump Planning. However, if you're looking for an app that will give you some new ideas on how to build your courses that might help your horse with things like rhythm, distance or balance, try the Equestrian Jumping Exercises.

  It happens that we sometimes second guess ourselves about how far two jumps need to be to get the right amount of strides in. If you would like an app that will help you out with that, you should look at Show Jump Distances for Horses.


  With hay prices increasing, we all want to make sure we are buying the hay for the best price we can without substituting quality. By entering the weight and price of a bale, this app will help you better determine if this is the best deal for you or if you should look elsewhere. The Hay Price Calculator allows you also to choose between small square bales, large bales or round bales of hay. This app isn't yet available for Android devices although they are working on it. If you would like to learn more about this app, you can click here to read about it in an article from the University of Minnesota. 


Are you concerned that your horse is underweight or overweight? The Healthy Horse app allows you to put in the measurements of your horse to calculate his weight for you. The app then compares your horse's weight with its database of horses of the same breed to let you know if your horse is in fact overweight or underweight. This takes the guessing out of the equation. Right now, the app only has a database for certain breeds and is not available for Android devices. If you would like to learn more about this app, you can click here to read about it in an article from

  So I hope the information about all of those apps were helpful to you. Please keep in mind that those apps for the dressage and jumping disciplines may not be available for the iPhone. I have an Android smartphone myself and I discovered all of these apps off of Google Play. Thank you for reading Pure Horse Sense and I wish you all the best with your horses.

  Until next time, happy riding!