The Rules of the Ring

   When you are sharing a riding ring with other people, sometimes it can get a little frustrating. It can happen that you have to stop your workout momentarily because someone gets in your way. I think it's crazy how some people don't know the rules of the ring. If more people did, then we wouldn't have this problem. You wouldn't have to stop your workout, everyone would be moving around the ring without any problem. So here's a list of the rules.

   1. Ask.

Before even entering the ring, if someone is there, ask them if they mind if you join them. That way they won't feel like your trying to take over the ring and they'll also know that you are about to open the gate.

   2. Talk

When you are going to jump or work over poles or any other obstacle, make sure that the other person knows. Say something like 'heads up coloured ex' so they know where you are going so they don't get in your way. The same goes for them when they call an obstacle. Don't be mean and decide that you don't need to respect the rules. Just do a circle or another exercise out of their way and then when they pass, continue what you were doing.

   3. Rules of the Road

When you are riding in opposite directions, use the rules of the road. Pass left to left to avoid collision. The person on the right rein just has to move to the inside track (or quarter line) and let the other pass and then move back to the track when they pass each other. Now if in your country you drive on the other side of the road, countries like England for example, I am not sure if you end up passing right to right or not. Just make sure that you all agree with each other before you start your workout just to be sure.

   4. Figures

You are doing figures and are about to reach the track. You then see another rider approaching you already on the track, who has priority? The answer is the one on the track. The simple solution is to either continue on the inside track (or quarter line) or wait for them to pass and then proceed to the track.

   5. Practicing for Competition

Sometimes people will be riding a certain jump course or dressage test for an upcoming competition. Why not watch them out of their way while they practice and give them tips? This not only helps them, but it helps you too. You can both benefit from this and then when they are done, you can switch places giving both of your horses a little break as well.

   I hope you found this information useful and that you are all having an amazing day. Thank you for reading my blog.