Too Much of a Good Thing or Amazing Idea?

  For my first blog post of the year, I decided I would talk about a bridle I have learnt about. From what I understand, this isn't a new bridle to the market. That being said, they aren't distributed in the local tack shops in my area, as far as I know.

  This bridle is the Rambo Micklem Bridle. Forget everything you know about a bridle. This is completely different. It's a bridle, a bitless bridle and a lunge cavesson all in one. From there, it has also more options to change the severity of the bridle. This is truly a multi-bridle.

  Micklem claims that the bridle is "more comfortable, more humane, more effective".

 (Now I cannot confirm if this is true as I have never seen the bridle in person before. So, this will just be my opinion without any influence of the bridle except for what I have read on the internet.) Micklem also says that they designed the bridle "from the inside out, to fit the shape of the horse's skull". 

  Comparing the bridle with a more conventional one, I do see how the Micklem bridle does fit the horse's face a little better. The typical bridle sits over the horse's cheekbone and clamps the jaw closed. The multi-bridle doesn't do that. For that reason, the Micklem bridle might be more comfortable for the horse, however we don't know how truely uncomfortable a traditional bridle would be on them either.

  What I really like about the bridle is not so much how it fits as much as the options you get with it. I like having the choice of riding with a bit or bitless without changing my bridle. I also like how it still looks professional and simple. You really do get multiple uses out of one product. The bridle is priced around $204, definitely worth the price considering everything you can do with it.

  If you would like to know more about the bridle, you can access their website here. Like I had said before, I have not seen or used the bridle personally. I have also not been approached by the company. This is just a bridle I learnt and read about and decided to share with all of you. 

  Thank you for reading!

This post was not sponsored by the Rambo Micklem Bridle. Their product simply inspired the topic of this post.