Update: Opportunities

  Opportunities can come when you least expect it. When they do, you have two options; to take it or to refuse it. Both will lead you down different paths with different experience and with more opportunities in the future.

  So when these opportunities come your way, what will you decide to do?

  Within these past few weeks, I've been given an open door. Since moving to a new city with my family this summer, I've been on the hunt for a job. It has taken me this long, but tomorrow will be my first day. This will hopefully mean that I will be able to start to ride again in January if everything goes according to plan (Yay!).

  So today, I find myself a little overwhelmed. With this week being the last of my online course's semester and getting all the paperwork ready for tomorrow, I haven't had much time to let it all soak in properly.

  Being able to ride again has been a huge goal of mine for quite a while now. For so long, it was impossible to make it happen, but now I am getting so close. It's exciting and terrifying at the same time.

  Since all of you are horse lovers too, you understand how strong our bond is to our horses. It's more than just a sport or a hobby. I remember how being away from them for even a week was difficult for me. How I couldn't get into the car fast enough when I was able to go back. And how, the minute I stepped foot into the barn, I felt like I was back home.

  Now, with this new job and the means to get there, I'll be able to ride and grow a connection with some of our equine friends again.

  Of course, this will mean that I'll be able to share some of my experiences with all of you too. I have been writing on Pure Horse Sense for 3 years now. That's 3 years that I've been sharing my goals, my experiences and the things that I have learnt with all of you. Now that I am approaching one of my goals, I look forward to continuing to share my experiences.

  Through all of this I've learnt something. You can't get to where you want to be with hard work alone. You also need to be surrounded by supportive people and emerge yourself in an environment where opportunities are offered to you. You need to be patient and determined because sometimes you'll have to wait a while. But when a door does open, you'll be grateful for the opportunity and eagerly walk one step closer to your goal. And I can tell you for a fact that I look forward to what's ahead.

  Until next time, happy riding!

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