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Pure Horse Sense is dedicated
to the equestrian industry, passionate riders
and to the horse.

I have always been so drawn to the passion of an equestrian.
Regardless if they are a rider, a trainer, a vet or a brand.
It takes a whole team to develop the equestrian industry to where it is today.
And it takes that passion and determination to keep pushing for the excellence that we strive for.

This is the industry that I am proud of.
This is the industry that I want to be a part of.
Because it’s filled with so many inspiring people that aren't afraid to go after what they want.

So here’s to you.
All of you equestrians out there.
Let’s celebrate how far we’ve come and welcome the challenges ahead!


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Ashley and Summit

Hello! I'm Ashley Ward!

I am the creator behind Pure Horse Sense.
I have a passion for riding, writing and following the latest releases from so many amazing equestrian brands.

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