Safety First! (Quick Release Knot)

  As you can tell by the title, this week's post will be about the quick release knot. I think it's important for all riders to know how to tie a horse with this type of knot because it keeps both you and the horse as safe as possible if any problems did occur.

  When it comes to tying a horse to a fence, a trailer or anywhere else that does not have cross ties, a quick release knot is usually the best solution. This knot allows the horse to pull on the lead rope without it coming undone. It also allow you to simply pull on the other end of the rope to untie the horse for a quick and easy release just in case your horse gets spooked or needs to be moved quickly. 

How to tie a quick release knot

When learning how to tie this knot, I suggest that you practice without a horse at the beginning. Find a rope and a tying point and get used to the steps. It can be a little tricky at first, but just like braiding your horse's mane, your hands will become used to the movements and it will become easy for you to do.

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  1. First, wrap your rope around your tying point.

  2. Decide which end of the rope will be the one where your horse will be tied to and let it go. You will not need to touch this rope to make the knot (it will be tied around this end)

  3. Make a loop with the end of the rope that the horse is not attached to

  4. With what is left of the rope, pass it under the end where the horse is attached as well as the first part of the loop, but make sure to pass it over the second part of the loop.

  5. Do not pull what is left of the rope through, leave it as another loop (so you should really have only two loops)

  6. Pull on the rope where the horse is attached to tighten the knot

  7. Your knot is completed and your horse is tied up.

  8. When you want to untie you horse, simply pull on the end of the rope where your horse isn't attached and the knot will unwind itself effortlessly. 

  I know that this may be a little confusing at first to understand. Try referring to the picture above and the step by step instructions. Like everything, practice makes perfect. If you tie the knot and then pull on the end of the rope that your horse is attached to and it unties itself, you have done something wrong. Keep trying and you will soon be able to do it with ease.

How to use the quick release knot properly

  1. Make sure that your horse is tied to something that is solid. If you are tying your horse to a fence, make sure to tie him to the post instead of the boards because the posts are less likely to break if a horse were to pull really hard on the fence.

  2. Never leave your horse unattended. Even though he is tied up, he can still get himself into trouble. Some horses are clever enough to know to to untie the knot themselves.

  3. Give your horse enough rope so that he can move his head and graze, but not enough for him to step on it or get his head caught around it. 

  4. Don't make your knot too small. If your loops are too small, your knot may just untie itself.

  Once you have become familiar with the quick release knot, try tying your horse with it. You may find that it is a very useful knot for not only tying your horse up, but that it can also be useful for tying a hay net up or your dog up when you want him outside with you without having to hold his leash.

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