The Making of a Champion

  Confirmation, bloodline and temperament. These are just some of the many aspects that can separate a good horse from a champion.

  So, how can you tell if a horse has what it takes?

  There aren't any specific aspects that will guarantee to make a horse better than another. You'll know that just by looking at some of the greatest horses in the sport of show jumping. If you compare Big Ben, Hickstead and now Hello Sanctos (just to name a few), you'll see they are very different.

  So what is it that the top riders look for in their top horses? Well, for those of you who may not know, Longines has a YouTube channel that follows their Global Champion's Tour. Their latest video asked some of the very best show jumping riders that same question.

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It turns out that though confirmation and bloodline do play a role, the biggest thing they look for is their brain. A great horse has to want to want to do his job and want to do it the best he can. If their head and heart aren't into what they are doing, they won't give it all they have and that just might cost you first place. 

  I thought this video was definitely worth sharing with all of you. Whether you ride in this discipline or not, I think this is true with all winning horses. The bond between horse and rider has to be strong and both of you have to want to win too.

  But one thing we can all agree on, a horse that loves his job and wants to please his partner will always stand out from the good horses and become a great horse.

  Until next time, happy riding!

InformativeAshley Ward