Scary Horses!

  Being horse lovers ourselves, we find it difficult to understand those who have a fear of horses. Equinophobia can be a serious problem that might have developed after a serious accident. The best thing for us to do is to be supportive and try to help them any way we can.

  We all know that horses are beautiful animals and can be the most gentle of creatures. For those who have this fear, it's best to try to explain what a horse really is to them. Explain that they are a prey animal, that they would rather flight than fight. Explain that they are only truly going to fight if they feel trapped and that's the only way from them to get release. If they are someone who has had a bad experience with a horse, explain to them that accidents do happen. Remind them also of how much they loved the animal before the accident happened.

  It's hard to get someone to get rid of their fear completely just by talking to them. They need to be willing to accept that they have that fear and that they want to overcome it. Having a phobia isn't so much about exposing yourself as it is about thinking differently. A phobia is something your mind is telling you. Their brains are telling them that the horse is a dangerous animal and that they need to stay away, that's how come they become terrified. Only that person can truly be the one to try to rewire their way of thinking.

  It'll take time for them to completely get rid of their equinophobia. It's not like it's a little fear, this is something that really affects them. Let them know that when they are ready to face their fear head on that you will be there for them. Make sure to take it slow, go at their pace and not yours. Be patient. 

  Start by maybe driving out to a stable. Sometimes just the smell can be too much. You can just drive by or sit in the parking lot. Once they feel like that's okay, go for a walk. Don't go into the stable or up to a horse in the field. Take your time and make sure they stay calm before you move on.

  Next you might want to watch a horse out in the paddock. See if he will come to both of you. A horse is sensitive to how you feel, let the horse do it's thing. He'll know when that person is ready and he will come over at the right time. Let that person get used to the horse being around them. If they want to pet the horse, they will do so.

  Eventually, their fear will become less scary to them and they might even decide to ride. The best thing to do in a situation where someone has equinophobia would be to be patient and take your time. Horses are amazing animals. They are so sensitive that they can really help heal people just through timing and their presence. Use that to your advantage, it may take a long time for them to get over their equinophobia. 

  I hope that this blog post has helped some of you out. Whether you have equinophobia or know someone who does, surrounding yourself with people who will be patient and understanding is probably the best way to start to deal with it. I wish you all the best of luck.